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How to Quickly Assess Your Insider Threat Mitigation

A malicious insider is defined as a current or former employee, contractor, or business partner who meets the following criteria: has or had authorized access to an organization’s network, system, or data has intentionally exceeded or intentionally used that access in a manner that negatively affected the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the organization’s information or information […]

Dealing with Extreme Security Threats

How you deal with extreme security threats will vary, depending upon your organization’s situation: Well-Prepared Partly-Prepared Unprepared Use the following checklist chart to rate your organization’s extreme security threat preparedness. Organizational Status Description Well-Prepared  Business resilience is actively being established as part of an enterprise security risk management program  Recent risk assessment has been performed that includes […]

The Corporate Lobotomy

Over the past few years there has been an observable spike in corporate lobotomies, attributable partly to aging workforces, but mostly driven by economic pressures to downsize. The word lobotomy comes from two  Greek words: λοβός – lobos, referring to a lobe of the brain, and τομή – tomē: meaning to cut or slice”. It’s a cutting off or […]

Assessing and Protecting Knowledge Capital

The protection of proprietary information is gaining a higher importance in many organizations today, partly because of the increasing cyber-security threat, and partly because organizations have become more aware of its critical value. One aspect of proprietary information is one that is often overlooked is the protection of Knowledge Capital. This is partly because investment […]

Lean, Mean and Targeted

Whose Sights are You In? Imagine this book-turned-movie plot. Super Vision International is a small company with 90 employees – a “Fortune 50,000” company. This small company, like thousands of others, is the backbone of the supply chain to the Fortune 500. Companies like Super Vision are important to American business. That’s why they are targets. […]

How to Measure Anything in Security

To Risk or Not to Risk is the title of an earlier article from The Security Minute that discusses how risk acceptance decisions are unknowingly made, when security proposals include only cost or other factors but not risk factors. A number of readers and colleagues have asserted to me that many aspects of risk are […]

Do You Have Nonsense Security?

What is Nonsense Security? It is a security plan or program without enough business sense in it. Sometimes the business sense element is called business alignment, but to be truly aligned with the business, the business stakeholders and decision-makers have to see the business sense in the security initiatives. To get things done successful businesses […]

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Workplace and Avoid Litigation

When I first read Natalie Wyatt-Brown’s 10 recommendations below, I thought they were perfect for The Security Minute. Her article is republished word for word below. I have added a short assessment afterwards. —Ray Bernard Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Workplace and Avoid Litigation by Natalie Wyatt-Brown There is little difference between avoiding litigation and […]

Security Flowers

I first learned about security flowers in my grandmother’s neighborhood when I was growing up. Most of the homes on her block had bay windows in front and back. A favorite hiding place for us as kids was under the windows because the bushes just in front of them hid us from view. However, the workability of that […]

A Little Downsizing Brings a Lot of Risk

More than half of departing employees will steal corporate data, according to a February 2009 survey report from Ponemon Institute: 59% of employees who depart are stealing company data 79% of these admit that taking the data was prohibited The study reveals that companies are doing a very poor job at preventing former employees from stealing […]