The Secret to True Security Leadership

True security leadership is very easy to do—but very hard to figure out. That’s why it is such a big secret.

The word leadership calls up images in our minds of famous charismatic leaders of history. That works against us. Great individuals such as Dr. Martin Luther KingWinston Churchill orMahatma Ghandi are few and far between, and you don’t have to be such a person to be a successful security leader. In fact, it is much better for you and your company if you are not.Here is why. That kind of big, broad, out-in-front leadershipapplied to securitywould be a distraction in your organization, and would detract from the work of others who need to lead their business functions for the growth and success of your organization.

True Security Leadership

True security leadership really amounts to one thing: planned influence. A security leaderinfluences by delivering the right messages to the right people. What kind of messages should you deliver to the CEO, or the board of directors, or your company’s business partners? That’s what the “planning” part is about.

You probably already know enough about security to be able to craft many of the right messages. If not, that is a small obstacle because there are many sources for that knowledge. What you really need to understand is how to lead from the current position you have in your company. You don’t have to be the “top” security leader in your organization to lead. It will be of great value to those above you in the organization for you to also be leading.

Believe it or not, status and authority have a lot less to do with leading than you may think.When you first begin your leadership planning, you will be a little unsure of yourself. Don’t worry. You do not have to rush things. You will be more effective if you take small steps over time and let the effects add up slowly and quietly. That’s why it will be easier than you think.

Leading from Wherever You Are Right Now

How do you lead from your current position in your organization? How do you lead the management above you, the staff below you, and the managers around you?

John C. Maxwell explains exactly how to do that in his book, The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization. You can get it now from Amazon.com for about $16.00.

I know from seeing this book applied—and helping security practitioners apply it—that this is the most important book a security practitioner can own.

You will probably start getting good ideas as soon as you begin reading this book. So don’t delay—get the book right away. Many pleasant surprises await you.

Talk to Someone Who Has Been Leading

To talk to a security practitioner who has been applying these principles, come to the next Global Security Operations event. You will receive this book after you register (www.GSOEvents.com).

Inside the book’s paper jacket is a special code that you can use to go online and take a leadership assessmentYou may rate better than you expect.

We provide the book as part of the preparation for the Global Security Operations event.

Day 1 of the event is a series of security leadership workshop sessions covering many topics, and referencing the principles in The 360 Degree LeaderWorkshop session leaders and panelists will share their insights from applying these leadership principles. There is also time for in-depth individual discussion as well. If you are a non-security executive or manager whose primary responsibilities include security, this event will be of immense value.

Give Me Feedback

I always welcome feedback on any issue of The Security Minute, but I am especially interested in your experiences in applying The 360 Degree Leader. So any time that you have the inclination to do so, write to me about your insights and experiences.

Force Multiplier

However much or little you know about security, the knowledge in The 360 Degree Leader can help multiply your effectiveness many times over. Don’t you deserve a little help? This book will give you a lot of help, and I wish you great success in applying it.

Best regards,
Ray Bernard


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